We buy used motorcycles, fast!

Sell Your Motorbike

We are professionals when it comes to motorcycle buyers so if you have a 125cc or 50cc bike to sell we will in most cases buy it quickly and easy then other companies.

Selling is Fast

Simply send us a email or call us for a valuation on your bike. 

Bike Collection

Once we have valued the bike and we have agreed on a price we will then agree on a collection date and time to suit you.


Buy My Bike Or Sell Your Motorcycle

We will buy your used 125cc motorcycle for cash or bank transfer we will also settle your motorcycle finance same day so if your looking for a quick sale give us a call today its simply and easy we even offer same day collection from your doorstep!

How much can I sell my bike for?

How much you can get for your old Bike depends on a number of factors. The make and model are probably the most important factors – some brands of motorcycles are more desirable than others, therefore they hold on to more of their value and command a higher price.

Your motorcycle’s age and mileage is also a big factor this will also have a big affect on how much you can sell your motorcycle for. The older the bike and the higher the mileage, generally the lower the valuation.

Equally important is your bike’s condition – scuffed wheels cracked panels Stone chips bumps and scratches will lower the value of your bike, because we’ll need to fix them before we may retail them on.

Another big factor on how much you can sell your bike for is its service history. This is the record of your motorcycles annual services. A bike with a full service history – where you’ve had it serviced every year or within its set mileage – will have a higher value than one with bits of its service history missing especially with the exotic brands

Finally, the number of previous owners affect a value – you can find out this information on your V5 document.

Other ways to sell your Bike

While we think this is the most convenient way there are of course other ways to sell your Bike.

Part-exchange at a dealership

This is probably the most well-known way to sell your bike. When you are buying a new or used motorcycle from a dealership, the sales agent will offer to buy your current bike. This cash is then used as a deposit for your new 125 motorcycle or 50cc scooter

The advantage of this method is that the transaction is done at the same time and place as when you buy your new bike. So you ride into the dealership on your old bike and ride away with your new one.

However it can be a lot to think about, having to negotiate the price you’re paying for a new bike at the same time as having to negotiate the price you’re selling your old one for.

Private sale

Here, you pay a little price to place an advert on a classified website Ebay/ Gumtree and hope it will be spotted by a “Genuine” potential buyer. You then arrange for them to come to your Home to view and arrange a safe test ride. this can feel a little insecure.

You agree a price, they pay you and then they ride the bike away. This method is for those who don’t mind having potential customers come to their homes and is the method that generally gets you the most cash for your bike. However, there’s no guarantee on how long it could take and how much cash you’ll end up getting as we all know when the buyer arrives they will knock you down.


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